thriving through collaboration

We are a group of likeminded family farmers taking a new approach to farming by collaborating to ...

Reduce operating costs

by building new scale and efficiency

Drive productivity & innovation

by leveraging our collective insights

Develop supply chain opportunites

through greater alignment & value creation

Think of  the scale and efficiency of a corporate with the integrity and innovation of a family farm…

If you want to be incrementally better… Compete

If you want to be exponentially better … Collaborate!

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Eat grass fed beef to ensure ...
  • Muscle growth and maintenance – prevents sarcopenia - a serious condition of muscle wastage especially in the elderly.
  • Improve exercise/work performance and reduce fatigue – micronutrients in grass fed beef are important for muscle and blood function.
  • Prevent anaemia – serious condition of iron deficiency which results in less red blood cells which limits blood’s ability to transport oxygen.
Nutritional Benefits
  • Nutrient dense protein source – 8 essential amino acids for muscle growth, repair and development.
  • Optimal ratio of omega 3 – good fats which aids brain function.
  • Vitamin A&E, zinc – support immune function and muscle growth.
  • Great source of heme iron which is absorbed efficiently and carries oxygen in the blood.
  • Vitamin B12 which supports blood formation and brain and nervous system function.

Family Farming Fun Facts

There are approximately 85,681 farm businesses in Australia, 99 percent of which are Australian owned and operated.
On average Australian farmers produces enough food to feed 600 people (150 at home and 450 overseas). Australian farmers produce almost 93 percent of Australia’s daily domestic food supply.
Australian farmers are frontline environmentals, owning, managing and caring for 48 percent of Australia’s land mass.
More than 99% of Australia’s agricultural businesses are wholly Australian owned, owning 88% (or 343.3 million hectares) of Australia’s agricultural land.
The sophistication of Australia’s agricultural land management continues to increase, with ongoing reductions in the intensity of agricultural chemical use, more careful use of fertilisers and more flexible approaches to grazing management to reduce erosion and increase productivity.
There are approximately 85,681 farm businesses in Australia, 99 percent of which are Australian owned and operated.